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Secure File Sharing for Business Operations

File sharing is an essential business process that allows employees to collaborate on projects with colleagues, clients and other external partners. Files that are not secured can make businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks. This could result in expensive data breaches and irreparable reputation damage.

Secure File Sharing

It’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your company’s files secure during transit. There are a variety of file transfer options available, but many do not come with security features making it much easier for attackers access sensitive information.

Traditional methods of sharing files include sending attachments in email, transferring files via physical drives, and using personal messaging applications for collaboration purposes. These methods are not secure enough required to guard against malicious actors who may access your organization’s confidential information and sell it to the Dark Web.

A trusted file sharing system will secure files to protect against unauthorized access. Encryption transforms the file’s plaintext into ciphertext, which can only be converted back to its original state using the correct key. The stronger the encryption algorithm is, the more difficult it is for unauthorised users to crack your file.

FileCloud’s secure tool for sharing files is the ideal solution for companies that want to share files in a secure manner with clients, employees, or any other party. Users can design a custom client portal in just a few minutes and can use customized branding solutions, and control user access. The system also comes with advanced versions and synchronization capabilities along with backups and point-intime recovery.

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